Stuck in thought
Trying to pretend I'm not hurt
Left behind with no goodbye's
Just guilt and sounds of cry
Confusion is like a drug in my brain
Trying to connect the pieces of pain
Just seen you smile the next day it pours rain
Left with questions
Repeating Why?
Now as I look up you look down from the sky
Weak inside
Needing to heal
Feeling like my heart is full of mixture
One minute I'm happy, sad, and reality becomes unreal
When the truth never seem to appeal
Feeling unwanted by you
Still I want say it's your fault
Hiding with smiles that sets us apart
Waiting for light tired of seeing darkness
Not using my heart less but feeling heartless
Sometimes I sit with that same frowning face
Trying to keep pace
leveling out that good and bad when my heart beat race
Remaining concentrate...

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