my home is a battlefield of emotions each one collides to explode in to a frenzy of tears and pain sleepless nights go on forever the yelling is so frequent so loud that the walls have soaked it up the words from our mouths replacing the paint reminding us of our pain each nerve a guitar chord mixed in to a never ending solo each by stander pulled kicking and screaming in to the heart of a heated conversation whose flames have risen beyond containment building and breaking hearts or bones wishes or dreams souls or emotions emotions feeding the flame only to extinguish it with sorrow pushing us up the volcano of anger only to make us realize it wasn't a volcano but a mountain one covered in snow the same way our sadness and regret soon cloaks our own skin our minds we tumbled down it ready to clear our slates to apologize but by that time its too late we're already amidst a storm of the other persons creation sunshine stolen from our hearts in an effort to get even an even that will never exist just push the cycle to repeat itself

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