Battlefield Blossom

There once was a flower which grew in a field
This field then had soldiers with weapons to wield
The flower soon wilted, all fragile and dry
When suddenly, a soldier came by
He dove to the ground and avoided the fire
But this flower caught his eye even when things were dire
He pulled out his canteen and gave it a drink
Then he ran away, who would ever think?
The battle soon ended and the field became vacant
But that flower saved his life, how could he ever thank it?
That flower gave him hope, that flower gave him strength
That flower gave him his life back again
And with one drop of water to save its poor life
He gave himself courage to move on from that night
The war did end and he came back
But the flower was gone and this made him mad
What right did those men possess to step on his hope?
To leave it there dying while they march away?
They wouldn't notice beauty if it stared them in the face
They will destroy it all to win the race
But the world is a wonder if you stop to take it in
And that's what he did from that moment therein

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