Battlefield Prt#3

Rising while you're gone
I'm in the middle of death with a choice
Going insane hearing that same murmuring voice
Do this do that of course
Sharing memories of joy
Wait do you remember me?
Understand how I feel to be sexually abuse or beat
Everyday on the streets in the cold with no heat
And they sat and watched
My family
The ones I suppose to love, hum thought I needed therapy
To getting robbed with that same gun piece
Young to know what it was as it stood in front of me
Get down on your knees, the trigger squeezed
Thought I was dead but my heart was skipping beats
Doors slammed as my mom comfort me
Opening my eyes, every since then I hide
Crying every night, Not because of depression but actually feeling the pain inside
It feels like getting stabbed with a knife
Not thinking twice, always putting up a fight
So I'm learning to let my emotions flow
Learning to not hold on but let go
Rather to obey and give
But instead my life is going to continue to chase battlefields...

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