You stand at the crest of a hill
For just a moment time stands still
You've been waiting for this moment and it's finally here
Before you take a breath the cries of war and death you hear
Running for your life
Shooting all enemies in sight
Only sixteen and you've killed these men
You'll never be a mere boy again
Why must you grow old so quick
The blood and gore makes you sick
A wounded enemy lies nearby
Wide eyes staring at the night sky
That's when it hits you straight in your heart
Why were we all of this war a part
You think of your family back home
And wish you had not left them alone
Suddenly you hear a deafening blast
A cannon has fired burying you in rubble and ash
Before you close your eyes to die
You look up to the sky
Your last prayer sent to God above
Why all the hate? God where is the love?

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