Bay sic damn – err river rant donnybrook…

Hmm...before tapping into reservoir
marsh hill deep water
aye delta myself
if pond durable
stream of consciousness

possible mission freeze able...,
how shoal aye say...
je ne sais quois
carefully laying pontoon bridge
paddling, treading, wave ving...,

yet sound lee get strait to the point
boot ask cape ping drowning reader,
and/or my waterlogged
creek key noggin
into esse chew weary sea ping bog...

oar body eel 'lectric
grounded on sandbar
plain and simple, aye lake wordplay,
though this buoy doth struggle
floundering within metaphorical ocean

to channel meander ring
puddling, seeping, yet
getting firth hoar along
harboring kettle o' worms
that engulfs me
aware you well judge,

and inlet me know,
nonetheless herring ye ask
"wet n tarn nation
iz this lick spittle a boat"
yup...merrily to

causeway more'n a row
initially wake kind to trumpet
how current fishy cons pier a sea
the president touts
regarding Jeffery Epstein suicide

changing figurative electorate channel,
which haint ni tide dee
Bill Clinton imbroglio
"apprentice" scathing
scurrilous distractions

so gull hub bull voters slough
off get complacent and risk
armageddon courtesy...
the Swamp thing
versus truth to Democratic power!

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