Be a Friend, Not a Bully

Bullies can be vicious,
You can find them everywhere.
Though they may not look suspicious,
Beware the Bully's evil glare.

The bullies hurt her feelings calling her thoses names,
They were being so mean she just wanted to cry.
What they were doing was doing was not fun and games,
She hated school so much she wished she could she could die.

She wanted to go hide
So into the bathroom she went,
If only her mother was by her side
She could go to her and vent.

She heard someone run through the door,
She panicked and was extremely scard.
The bullies looked in all the stalls and checked the floor,
When they found her they all stared.

She thought about how this problem could be solved,
She tried to think but she was ashamed.
It felt as if her heart had dossolved,
She didn't feel she should have been blamed

So help a victim,take their hand
A bully,s pain is lurking there.
Let them know you understad,
Be a friend, show you care!

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