Be a light

Be a light. by Chance Hine
Compare and contrast their world to ours
We have heat even from the inside of are cars
While They surround
They form around
They start a fire
While we can just start one with a simple wire

But what would happen if we became their flame
We ignore ourselves
But We put back this outrageous fame
But instead we form a light
In which it guides them to
Water, heat, shelter and food

The statistics have proved
What we have abused
That we in the states drink more water
Then they will ever need use

Instead of giving a dollar here and there
We instead go to the ones that are truly bare
Don't bring them your throw aways and rags
But bring them your clothes in bags upon bags

Make the world they once hated just a foggy haze
Let your flame ignite into a blaze
And melt away there sorrow
And mold it into joy for tomorrow

Don't just be some unknown giver
Let your conversation flow like a coursing river
Let that conversation be made of joy and laughter
So you can start a relationship that truly matters

This world is corrupt with power and greed
What about the ones who are truly in need
So how about we put down are selfish desires
And help the ones who's been through earthquakes, tsunamis, and fires.

Let them know they don't have to stay down and be poor
After being striped and hit from poverties roar
But pick them up
Let them see
how it's going to be all right
And let your flame
show them the light.

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