Be a Root

Profound identity
They say its not me
Half breed
Running through the family tree
Just another colonial trick
To steal land and be enriched
What's half mean
Split between
Two tribes
Separated by war and pride
Yet they join together, make babies
And unite
Still they're just those half breeds
But as brown as they seem
They always got to pick a side
Raise my kids up to read and write
Name them Christian and white
Center them in traditional ways
Cause they'll reject him anyway
Whatever they are make them proud
Enough obstacles will give them doubt
But whatever chosen the seed must grow
From the root up, dirt to toe
So they are grounded and sure
Of who they are and ancestors were
Teach them you are who you come from
From history and stories we learn and become
And many years learned and taught
We become that large tree we plot

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