Be Brave

With every blink
My soul wants to bleed ink
Bloody lips, bruised ribs, hand imprints, and facial bruises
I’ve seen too much
It never stopped
It went on, and on, and on, and on
I never left
My Mom saved my life one night
When my lover almost killed me again
Where I was looking for peace, I found violence
Despite how much you love and are loved
You are fundamentally alone
Part of growing up is figuring out how to deal with that aloneness
I guess I felt I was growing up too fast
I didn’t want to be by myself
Not just yet
I’m too young
To be cast out alone
But let me bravely say
There is always hope to restart
If you’ll listen
Time will keep ticking to new beginnings
So stop remembering all the violence
Or how you left or if you even left at all
Because now you’re going to stand up for yourself
Not for whoever hurt you
This is a process that starts with forgiveness
Forgive them, but also forgive whatever it is that you think you did
I know you stood brave then
That’s no question
Now you mustn’t have any fear to stand up and be brave afterward

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