Be equal

Black lives matter white live matter to.
What is a change if we gonna do what they do.
Burning , bombing , killing are sisters and brothers.
Stop being and gangs and start caring for one another.
We sell out each other for guns and weapons.
That needs to stop and we need to step in.
We got to step in for those in need.
White, Black , Tan even green.
God would not want us going against one another.
No one wants to kill or hurt each other.
We get criticized because are skin color.
Just because you skin that don't mean your smaller.
And shout out to the people in the blue suit.
Carefully look before you even shoot.
We have to stop the violence now.
When your kids grow up they gonna listen and allow.
People to get hurt or even them selves.
Got get on top of the shelve .
And preach the word because that is what we need.
I would like for my family and all those kids out there
To succeed I want every one to lead.
Everyone to be one and do as they need.
We have to do this for our people do good and be eqaul.

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