Be me

Here I am,,, thinking again
thoughts go round like a mix and blend.
Slicing and dicing, agreeing objecting
Reflecting on the past.

” Will this ever end”

Fueling my obsession,
I have a confession.
I hate life’s way of dealing with depression.
If only someone could be me, just for one second!

To see through my eyes, I reckon
what I’m feeling you’ll find extremely upsetting

Friends and family competing, you’ll see.
Young youths, grown adults acting disrespectfully
Lies, hate, pain Lost love
All these thoughts and feelings are killing me.
Is this what humanity was meant to be.
Destruction, war, corruption not being able to live in peace without disruption
I'm not paranoid or crazy.
From my mind I take what I see and tell the story.
Some may not agree in this World they think they’re free.
I wish I didn’t but I have to say sorry I disagree.
Maybe that's because I’m damaged mentality.

But through all the darkness all the pain and Smokey blended diced and dissected thoughts I actually see clearly.
The people that are **** with me
Racism, discrimination.experienced constantly
The bad rise as the good fall relentlessly.
A world full of insanity.

Please don’t judge or hate me I’m just expressing my feelings honestly. Putting my thoughts in writing for the world to see.

Agree or disagree it doesn’t matter to me
I just want the world to come together
Find the love in one another no matter what your physical appearance or abilityu
Let’s just come together and fill this world with
Peace love and tranquility.

I've got my courage I’ve got my bravery
I’m full of confidence my words are my weapons full of speed and agility.
The strength of each one will destroy treachery..

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