Be My Harmony

I want a lot of love.
Love me with your heart.
Give it from above.
Above from where you start[ed].

I want you in my arms.
Arms that will provide.
To keep you far from harm.
Harm we won't abide.

You'll be safe and sheltered.
Sheltered strand by strand.
My love for you has sweltered.
Sweltered from your hand.

You're hot like burning fire.
Fire's in your eyes.
My love, you, I admire.
Admire like the skies.

Thoughts of you, they burn my mind.
Mind’s hot, much like you.
You're so cute, just my kind.
Kind as you are, too.

Shots are fired from my chest.
My chest has beats for you, you're the best.
I feel a slight, soft flutter.
A flutter as I sputter.

My words come out uneasy.
Uneasy like most [of] my life.
My stomach feels quite queasy.
Queasy ‘cause there's [a] strife.

The wind blew down our happiness.
Happiness it took.
We expose [our] true scrappiness.
Scrappiness that’s [soon] forsook.

Nothing can take you away from me.
Me and you are home.
You're my favorite harmony.
Harmony that roams.

I can be your melody.
Melody and tune.
I hope you’ll later see.
See our love's my boon.

I'll keep your life in order, as it all should be.
Just promise when we're older, you'll still be here with me.

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