Be Quiet

I want to punch you in the face and tell you I hate
you, but im not like you cold and heartless.
Happiness is what I want, but will never get.
You make so I never smile or take a glance,
and your talking about another chance.
I hate being sad and lonely everyday, Oh wait Bitch what
did you say? Well your not my mother and ill do what I want! Shut up and listen and do what I say.
Well listen to this
Poof go away!
Your not my daddy so quit trying to be, atleast I can leave with some dignity.
A real man loves his women and doesn't put her down, touch me again and you'll be under the ground. Six feet I believe, could ever conceive that I stood
up ready to leave.
A coward is what you are, a cruel monster, Im done with your shit I got nothing to lose maybe heartache and misery. But thats normal to me, Not to hear it everyday the possibilities.
Im so confused you tell me you love me but call me a whore.I don't sleep with you so what's that mean? I would rather sit in a time machine, go back to the to the day that I first saw you,and run like I was first in a race. I stay in the house because of what you say, with my head hung down like a slap In the face.
Your a miserable person and you can't deny.I hope when I'm gone it makes you cry, I hope you get hurt the way you hurt me. And spend your life always in misery.

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