Be the voice

A smile is a mask we put on,
to cover the pain we don’t want others to see.
The tears that portray themselves are a symptom,
A symptom of HOPE that longs to be released.
We’re to self absorbed to see the pain in others eyes,
That we continue our day and brush it aside.
Just like my sister they eventually end their lives,
As we wonder how we didn’t notice their cries.
For so many people it was too late,
Because they relied on suicide.
We need to let our voices rise,
And express the severity of this world wide.
They have so many remedies and cures,
For sicknesses that can kill loved ones.
What’s the solution for mental illnesses,
That lead to suicide being the end result for someone?
We need to lend a hand,
And show people their worth it!
Because I lost someone to suicide,
that in my eyes was perfect.
So be the voice that spreads the word...
So we can save the life of the next victim unheard!

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