Be Their Voice

Give them a voice
Give them the power
Give them the strength to climb that tower
The one that they know that are not like you and me
The one that we know is difficult for them to see
Got this job to change their life
To help them see that even though they are different
They are still apart of you and me
Got this job to show them they are loved
That someone can care and that no matter what we will always be there
Stayed at this job for how they changed me
They changed my life
They changed my world
They changed the way I see
Looked past the way that I thought the world was
Showed me there are different ways and different things to see
Without saying a word they taught these things to me
If it was up to me they would see no more pain,
They have no more sorrow or fear and know only gain
If it were up to me
These beautiful people
The ones I hold in such high regard
Would never be told that they were
Wrong or ugly and be discarded
These beautiful people
The ones who make a difference to me
Are the ones that changed the way I see the world
And the reason I keep holding on to me.

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