Be There for Me

Be There for Me
I am an addict not a life I chose
Be There for Me
I am an addict not a life I chose
The drug made the pain disappear as it coursed through my veins
Soon the doors of addiction on me did close
Holding me hostage as it wrapped me in its chains
Look into my eyes and tell me, "What do you see?"
"Can you see the emotional scars I wear?"
"Do you see the person inside longing to be free?"
"Or, does your disgust in me make you not care?"
Silently and alone I pray to be released from this personal hell
Wanting so desperately to be free from its grip
Death waits for me on the horizon I can tell
I cry out to anybody that can help end this dreadful trip
A battle rages inside of me that no one sees
In order to win I need love and support to get me through
Survival depends on ridding myself of demons that won't let me be
I'm not strong enough to do it alone, please let me lean on you
Hold me tightly as these fears I face
Don't let go until you are sure I am free
Wrap me in your loving arms so I feel your warm embrace
Your reward will be a clean sober happy me
Yes, I'm an addict a fact I do not deny
I am also a person the same as you
Acceptance and love giving me strength I will not defy
Control of my life once more starting anew

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