Be True

Darkest night
Moon shining bright
We are on this plight
To will ourselves forward and shine the light
Upon where it burns on the ones we love
On pasts to and fro.
Ones we gotta let go
But there can be only one
Who knows thy very soul
Are you true to yourself?
And in the best of health?
No white sugar substitute
Just fun in the sun, the brightest star in the universe
Has yet to come
Pure delight
Because it's so very right
To be with the one who recedes from the spotlight and into midnight
Make love all day long
Until the tears break away.
That is to say--
You have risen from despair
And got the hell outta there
The new dances with charm
I know you won't ever forget who you are
When you think of me through the trees
You will say:
To thy own self I will be true
I really do
Gotta be with you

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This Poems Story

Heather's first poem was written in English and Spanish in 2011. She performed it at poetry slams and was encouraged to write more. "Be True" was inspired by a friend who was afraid to let love in. She was so frustrated with this "Beautiful Scot" she began to think of the moon outside and it just came to her. With tears and flowing words perfectly in sync, it was written within ten minutes and she never changed a word. Ms. Petrina has a degree in Spanish Education from Pace University and completed her MA at NYU. She is a former Spanish teacher, has lived in Chile and Spain and currently acts part time while studying documentary film. This is her first published poem and she's beyond excited to share it with the world.