Be You

Be you, do you, for you;
I'm sure you'll find the true you.

Don't compare yourself with anyone,
You're made to change the world.....
Life is full of possibilities,
Never forget your abilities....
Don't try to fit in someone else's shoe,
There's much more waiting for you....

Never find yourself pity,
You can own the city....
You and I may not be perfect,
But just look around What's Perfect?

There are many to call you ugly,
But just ignore this people who're unnecessary....
Some are always there to stop you,
'Cause they're jealous of you,
Don't listen to some free advice,
Just be the star that shines.....

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This Poems Story

In today\'s time people\'s biggest insecurity is being socially judged about how they are. Five from Six people are insecure about themselves in today\'s world. This poem is a short and sweet message to all of them who feels insecure about themselves. I just wanna say people who love you will love you the way you\'re, not the way you should be.