Be You

In dark enlightenment and in brilliance,
With dismal euphoria and with joy,
In sunk elation and in flight,
Through botched expedition and through success,
In tearful excursion and in laughter,
Whether in vain excitement or in hope,
In beat exultation and in victory,
Be you.

Caught in a storm,
When in doubt,
Beset with impasses,
Piqued with discontent,
Cornered by fear,
Faced with obscurity,
Besieged by panic,
Be you.

You are made of…
As much darkness as of brilliance
As much gloom as of joy,
As much fall as of flight,
As much failure as of success,
As many cries as of laughter,
As much empty as of hope,
As much defeat as of victory,
…Know you to,
Be you.

You own the calm within you…
You can find the solutions…
You know where the road opens…
You have the key to contentment…
You look fear in the eye…
You shall retrieve clarity…
You’ll re-discover serenity…
Believe in you to,
Be you.

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This Poems Story

Be You is an invitation designed for everyone to know and accept themselves as they are. The poem urges the readers to acknowledge that every single one of our experiences shapes us and leaves us enriched. It reminds us to reflect and take note of the fact that we have the resilience, innate or acquired to navigate through every challenge we come across. The poem continues to remind us to be ourselves by believing in who we are.