As I sat there with the breeze whistling in my ears,
I could remember so vividly,
Laying on a cross sofa so green,
The picture of his face, his frame, playing in my subtle mind,
Taking quick steps to where I laid shivering from fear,
He pulled me to himself caressing me with those filthy, unworthy hands,
My hair bonded, my hands tied, my legs spread,
I whimpered,
His stench alone nauseating,
His mouth he used to caress my naked neck,
My body fell like a log on the awaiting sofa,
That pain like a dagger struck through my heart,
That struggle of a virgin lady soon to be deflowered the next minute,
Ouch! he bit me,
I screamed and hit his manhood,
My neck he tightened like a pillow,
Do you not want this, tell me,
Do you not want me, tell me,
He spat, his breathe so conk of alcohol,
I spat at him,
You do not know me,
Vengeance a must, I would take,
A fiend you are, a monster at that,
Take this, my revenge awaits,
My words like swaying wind,
He ignored them,
And he entered, he raped me,
My long years of purity forfeited,
This all cannot go to waste,
Let us rise and put a stop, an end to this evil,
We won’t raise bastards,
We are proud women.
She conquers.

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