Beaten Bloody Freedom

Freedom, once a beautiful being, Respected by everyone
But lately, freedom has been abused, beaten, and ground
into the floor by the foot of those who don't know what
freedom truly is. What freedom has done for them, and
continues to do for them. Here is the truth about
freedom: Freedom goes to church with you on Sundays
or stays at home with you, and makes sure you can do
so peacefully. Freedom is walking you down the aisle
when you commit your life to the person you love, not
the person that was chosen for you. Freedom is in your
gun safe, or at your side, waiting for the day that it
will need to protect you. Freedom is with you in
college, making sure that you are choosing what
you want to do for a living, freedom is the one who
signs the check that keeps the heat in your house going
and keeps food on the table. Freedom is in your lungs,
letting you say what you believe. Freedom is in our
constitution, guaranteeing equal rights to all. Freedom
goes with you to vote on who will run our country,
making sure that all can do so. But right now, people
are practically dragging freedom along with them to do
things that freedom was not born to do. Freedom is
everywhere, all around us. But what will we do with it?
Will you shake its hand and thank it, or will you turn
around and walk the other way? Seeing as how this is a
free country, I won't make that decision for you, you will.

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