Beaten Down

Beaten down for centuries
Splattered in newsprint for all to see

It has been that way ever since
they came from Africa on hollowed ships

Enslaved, raped, hanged, broken
Traded for sins unspoken

Successful towns burned to the ground
Wiped from the maps never to be found

Protestors marched as sons and daughters were shot
Police bullets took lives without a mere thought

The unarmed men and women trying to survive
in a country who ruled they had no right to life

Battered and beaten, black lives shattered

Skin color, if Black leads to lives in tatter
Equal Pay? Equal rights? Do Black lives really matter?

Republicans gerrymandering to silence their rights
Statesmen cloaked scheming through dark days and nights

The front of their neck rests the white man’s knee
trying to gasp out the words “save democracy”

Ignoring their foes
they showed up in droves

Standing in line
No concept of time

Wind howls, rain pour
the right to vote has never been yours

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