Beauties in the Beasts

The story of a lifetime is yours
Almost nothing could be salvaged
Her life was in ruins
She didn’t know what it meant to be a survivor
She was in the storm for so long it took her umbrella
Her self was the only thing she had left to sacrifice
It was a brutal kidnapping between her beauty & her most ugly beasts
But the library there would suffice
She learned new things and built new paths
She made friends with the furniture in her locked away solitude
Her surroundings were the most important
The outside kept storming
With her nose in a book, it was to her least worries
Her home was right here in this story
Yet her disappearance seemed a bit wonky
She wanted to tell time she was sorry
But time kept moving like the Ocean’s chaotic waving
So she greeted the newly arrived Spring season
Through her only window, the Sun was veering
The butterflies fluttered around nearby & the birds soared above
She could see them for the first time in a year
She spent a lot of time broken & bruised from toxic love
But this season she’s coming out like never before
The story of a lifetime is hers to proclaim
She was just an ordinary sad soul discovering her voice
She knows you too can get out there & find happiness

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