I couldn't take it anymore,
I reach out for her wrist and I clamp it tightly within my grasp,
She turns her glare on me with a poisoned tongue,
I am lost behind the hurt in the reflection of her tears,
She screams at me,
But I don't let go.

She stabs at me with her hissing mouth,
She tries to ram into the wall behind her,
But I don't let her,
As tears are slowly starting to brim my own sight,
As I try to hold on.

"Stop!" I cry out,
"You don't know, you don't understand!"
"You are beautiful, you don't need to change,"
"No matter what those jerks say!"
She stops her lashing and looks at me finally,
Her eyes return to the color of the sea,
Her hair is holding its breath for her answer,
And the wrist that is in my grasp slowly churns in its wounds.
She breathes, she pants,
She turns around and looks at the cracked mirror before her,
I look in there with her because I know,
I know,
She is me.

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