I wonder when will the world understand what beauty really is
Beautiful, is not depended on your walk
Or the measurement of your pigment
Beauty is not in your shape
Nor the style or texture your hair is
Beauty is not in your eyes that you seduce every man with
Nor is beauty a disguise,the wicked, it can not blanket
Yet beauty is within the mouth,cause that's where your words sit
And beauty is in the mind cause that's where your thoughts live
But they're only beautiful, the words, if you're wise with them
And the beautiful know that words are beautiful
But also silence, so still
True beauty can't be seen because inside it lives
I know you think, beautiful was seen with an act he did
But just think, it was beautiful for the fact that he thought of it
Grey matter
informally for what it is,
is just as beautiful as the the pure hearts that live
And this is what beauty starts with
The essence of the heart and mind, and your being within
Intellect,respect, and compassion is
What beauty is
And if inside these characteristics live
You are beautiful then

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