You are too skinny, eat more.
"No, no, now you are too fat eat less," said society.
Okay, so who am I supposed to be now?
"Just eat less, and do what I say!" Said Ana
100 pounds, 95 pounds, 90 pounds, 85 pounds
I am becoming addicted to this game,
I can't stop myself from shedding away my weight!
"Oh honey, you have just started...
85 pounds is not going to cut it." Said Ana
80 pounds, 75 pounds, 70 pounds
My world is starting to turn black, why do I feel weak?
I wanted to be skinny
I wanted to be beautiful
I wanted to fit in
So why does this not feel right?
"You are killing yourself! You are digging your way to death!
Love yourself for who you are,
Love yourself for what you are,
And everything else will perfectly fall into place.
Now, you will have some ups and several downs,
but don't let that stop you."
I saw the light and everything became clear,
Since that day I was not the same as yesterday.

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