Beautiful Butterfly

My beautiful Butterfly.
You have to fly high,
Go beyond the moon,
Leave your cocoon.
The path is not straight,
It is strewn with numerous fright,
But you are not a silkworm,
You are not meant to stitch a loon.
Your destiny is to fly,
And soar above the sky.
My butterfly, the world to which we are brought,
We are, but a mere spot,
But spots complete a picture,
We all are an important fixture.
My butterfly, so, fly high,
Go beyond the moon,
But always beware of the traps strewn.
Make your choices with precautions,
For they always will incur far-reaching repercussions.
But my butterfly, never be afraid,
Own your decisions that you would make,
Be brave, my butterfly,
And go beyond the rainbow,
Go beyond the moon,
For now is the time,
To leave your cocoon.

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