Beautiful Butterfly

Beautiful Butterfly

Oh, beautiful butterfly
the magic of metamorphosis, a transformation of joy
a beginning to a new life
You came to me and you told me
spread those wings and fly
embrace the new and move with the wind
Oh, beautiful butterfly,
spreading your wings for the first time
not knowing what you might find
Taking flight and flying up high
you dance in the sunshine
Enjoying the summertime taking the power of air
you tell me to dare and move in the air
Oh, beautiful butterfly,
a caterpillar now a butterfly
Life is about change, lighten up and let the old go
Feel the magic and transform
Oh, beautiful butterfly,
so many lessons we must learn
When you appear is to let us know
that change is coming and to let the old go
Embrace the new you and spread your wings
Move freely and not so seriously
let life begin and embrace a new journey
Oh, beautiful butterfly,
cheers to you, and to the cycle of life.

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inspired by my own growth and change