Beautiful Catastrophe

I think I had a glass of his guru juice, that New Orleans spaghetti stew
I think my love for him was reversed,
My gift-cursed, into one nation under voodoo
Why I gotta choose? Why I gotta lust?
After man made when Jane gives me that righteousness
I laid my life into the lines of his palms and he put in work.
Like pyramids in Egypt 2 milli slabs of gold, 2.5 ton crowns
At my peak-I spread my wings to thy horizon
But the wax weighed me down like my feet belonged on ground
Seeded onto a planet with no roots attached
Like you, I am no different from a cactus nor a bean sprout
Or mammal straight out the snatch
Just human plants who roam under a globe,
And Earth is where we launched to craft
At 15, I locked fingers with my demon's hand
Watched the leaves crumble from my windowpane
'Cause I suffered from seasonal affective disorder.
At 16, I watched the blood leave my stream 'cause
It river-ed my thoughts in order
Alienated in a room at 17
18, I taught myself how to adore my mind and understand my brain
So by the time I hit 20 I'd know exactly why I was beautifully insane
Almost let an educated mind take that-a-way
Almost called my demons by my first name
Almost called myself different in all the worst ways
But I was just beautiful in my own way

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