Beautiful Chaos

I, a person of creativity, of love, of compassion, of honor
You, a creature of distance, of rage, of hate, of heedlessness
I, someone who sees the world in vibrant colors
As a place of dreams, as a place for love, as a place of harmony
You, a force of black and grays
A nightmare salesman, a misery provider, a silent monstrosity
I, a soul that drifts beyond the everyday
That follows an inner peace that has a passionate heart
That feels in tune with the earth
You, a cowardice that declines goodness
That follows your own chaos that embodies a black heart
That is numb to all that is around you
I, looking into a mirror with wonder in my eyes
With hope for a beautiful day, with heightened spirituality
With a tender smile on my face
You, ignore the mirror with stillness
With timeless dread, with no regard to any higher being
With your atrocious personality
I, wearing my favorite colors, blue, green, hair blond and clean
You, don my favorite colors too,
Dark blue, dark green, hair dark blond and filthy
I move, you move, I am you, you are me
You are the darkness within me
We are two of one body, split but the same
Okay, my dear, it's time for your medication
Thank you, Doctor

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