Beautiful Creature

Beautiful creature, that only the Heavens could have made.
The shine of the sun could never match a glimpse of your reflection.
The focus of my day that keeps me pushing when I want to throw
my hands up.
The control I need when my own is somewhat out of order.
Foundation of a place I have known my entire life but have only
visited once.
The other 90 percent of brainpower that I know is there but
cannot use.
The star I saw 2 nights ago and wished upon.
The smile that appeared from nowhere but just a passing memory.
The beat skipper in my heart that lets me know that something
is present.
The smell of spring in every room of the house.
The missing of you when you're gone.
The feeling in my stomach when the phone rings hoping its you.
The tingling across my skin when I just look at your face.
Every memory of you, as if it just happened so clear.
Beautiful creature, the only one I've ever given my heart to,
where are you now that you are not here?

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