Beautiful Is Black

Black is not only a color but it is us
We are told were as beautiful as any other color because...
"there's beauty in everything right?"
The question is, how're we all gonna be beautiful
if we don't respect each others lives?
The blood my brother bled was caused by
when he got a thick gold needle stuck in his ribs
because he was a black man taking a midnight stroll
The scar my sister lives with on her cheek because
she was a black woman that seemed angry
This really brought a change in me
These people look at my color and they start chasing me
And now the brother running next
to me could catch the bullet that was really meant for me
Because of who we are
They're mad because we found our voice and we see our color
Our eyes full of beauty & cries are brighter than any other
We got the power the rain, the lightning, and the thunder
We are beautiful
Beautiful is what we are
Don't let my color fool you, my skin is shining brighter
than any star
Beautiful is Black
& Black is what we are

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