Beautiful Light

Around and around the world goes
Devil child, made of hell.
Sons falling from heavens
The Blood apple doesn't fall far from the tree of deception
Glorious, holy lights cries for the deceived
Darkness...covers sins...right?
As night covers day
Fires set from the depths of hell
How could you?
Tormented screams inside out….kicking and screaming
Silent wars arise within
Soldiers die in hands of enemies
The deaf are unaware
Hypocrite, liar, destroyer
How could you dare?
red, thick blood flowing out
Blood to the beast
Keep calm and carry on
The Mountain wildfires
Fire Waltz of the year
Times of disease
Tic, tic, tic
Into darkness abist
Where the beast fears to tread
Jagged, Scared … deep
Feeling for that moment
Run faster,
Blood pumping
Screams from the willow trees
Around and around we go
Storms arising within the mits of us
The whipping of the thousand cries
Boom, Pow!!!
Skaters of lights braking hope
Willows struck down to the ground
Water rising from the depths
Drowning alone with thoughts as friends faster
Struggling in darkness
As children search for their mothers
The lost boys seeking shelter
Escaping reality?
Time doesn't wait for no man
Sons falling from the heavens at the speed of light
Snakes strangle beastly strangers
The lost’s frail, bony, lifeless fingers reaching towards the unknown
1…..2…..3….. Who will win?
Cries from the widows who children are no more
Louder and louder they call for the ones that will never come
Death laughs in the sight of misery
Glowing golden eyes piercing men's souls
Around and around the world goes.
How can THIS be home?
There's a land of milk and honey
Families play in meadows of blooming flowers
Flowers praising the son
Bundles of winds singing tunes of glory
Walking through a gate of solid purl
Mothers and fathers greeting sons and daughters
Don't you know your Golden Born?
Running upon streets of gold
Lights dancing with love
Families reunited
The trail of tears no more
Chains pulled from the royal family
New pure creatures arising
As bold as a lion
Love, beauty, peace, joy
Angels sing praises of the almighty
The king of kings
Children tightly hugging mothers in joy
Lost boys finding fathers
I sing hallelujah
Birds finding ways back home
Why do we wait?
Don't wicked fathers give good gifts to their children?
How much more with the living God do for his
Gift wait to be opened
Time doesn't wait
Your time, your decision
Do you know tomorrow?
the stranger that never comes
But today
Friends through thick and thin
Around and around we go
Don't you know some died for you?
Bloodshed for you and me
The candlelit paths
The light destroying darkness with a two-edged sword
Cutting way till there's nothing left
The one that is pure and glorious
The indescribable
The one that sets slaves free
Slaves having a choice
The one that makes you loss of words
As if looking for someone that finds you
The one that always says “ here I am”
The one that took everything for you
For a father doesn't want his children to suffer
Were you deserved to be slashed 39x
But he has given you great power
Were you should have struggled to carry your death sentence
But he gave you authority over all demons
Were you should have being mocked in every way
But he gave you grace and forgiveness so you could also bestow it to others
Being tortured to death to pay for your sins
But he did that already for you
Open your eyes
The vail has been ripped apart
For there's one this that is forever true
Jesus saves
Will you let him save you?

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