Beautiful Pain

You, my love, are the one who has within the palm of his hand
the power of the world-
such a bright light,
yet peel back the surface to reveal a more deadly reality.
Of all the snakes in the pit, my attraction is fatal.
I'm enchanted by the poison dripping off your fangs.
Your strike is deadly,
your jaws naught but a trap with which to sing your siren's song,
your eyes an endless void I find myself falling into infinitely.
And yet you are still the one who pulls me back out,
both my salvation and my perdition.
My eternity of serenity is you,
yet torment until the edges are singed with the everlasting pain,
this peaceful misery caused by you.
I've fallen in love with my captor.
My cage consists of conflicting emotions; there's no going back now.
I'll be in this until the end, the end of me or an end you create-
my reward for being lured in,
and yet I can't help but feel as if something changed.
I wanted more than this;
I wanted it all.
After the years of pain I thought I should finally be happy,
and still I can't find what I've done wrong,
why I need this infinity of vulnerability.
It's insanity.

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