Beautiful Star that You Are

By Anya73   

Have you ever looked at the stars lately?
Look and see the beauty of it
It glitters in the sky like a smile in the night
I once wondered occupied with a lot of things
I looked up and was struck with the stars that shined above me
It made me appreciate the world I have
It gave me joy and tranquility looking at it
Tiny as it is it brightened my night
It paved a way through the dark night.

Amazingly I see myself like the stars
I want to shine for people I love and care
You can be a star too if you choose to
Brighten a world with your actions
An act of tenderness is a joy,
An act of kindness is happiness
When shown to people you love and care
A piece of a good heart and mind
Glimmers and captures souls
Goodness sheds light.

Make known what a star you can be…
Star that you are
Sparkle and twinkle
Star that you are
Captivate souls
Star that you are
Magnify light
Star that you are
Draw your worth
Star that you are, little as YOU ARE
What a beautiful star you’ll be.

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This Poems Story

Choosing to do good and be good is always hard to do....your actions will speak for you...a person with a good heart is a star...You shine and give light to people...Why not be a star...