“Beautiful Thoughts”

You gave me a starry night and an empty journal
And said write down your beautiful thoughts.
Shoot them across the universe.
Plaster your words onto someone’s heart,
It will adhere to another’s.

With brittle fingers and cracking exhales,
I broke a jar labeled beautiful thoughts.
Its contents scattered through the air,
Settled in my lungs,
Circulated to my heart.
I was breathing sweet,
Seeing distorted perfection.

A paradise held inside.
My body is the page
My body is the universe
My body is a prison.
As the thoughts bring me new life.
I grow.

You remind me of the starry night and empty journal
But I have reached new heights.
Beyond you and the universe.
I can reach the next dimension.
My silence is my weapon.
I use my words for myself.

Now an army fights against my life.
With the prison unlocked
Something poisonous is released.
Those beautiful thoughts painted me black
And killed my soul.
You should’ve told me “beautiful thoughts”
would be the death of me.

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