Beautiful Void

You don't know me well
And I'm quite sure you don't care to
I'm not expecting much from you
At this point, it'd be unfair to

What I crave is a temporary fix
I'd love more but I'm done trying
Yet I find myself staring despondently at my phone
Wondering why you're not replying

We lack the slightest connection
Besides futile, mock affection
After all this damage to my pride
My moral compass has lost direction

When you look at me, you don't see me
There's no soul beneath my skin
You indulge but you still judge me
And aid me in my sin

And in the moments when we emulate
What wedded pair should hold
I embrace a carnal substitution
For a feeling more precious than gold

While the beauty and void delude me
To the point I can't tell them apart
I let you carelessly invade my body
And carefully evade my heart

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