Beautiful Werewolf

Beautiful werewolf, so elegant with your malevolence
you enjoy destruction when you have ability to bring joy
but the intent to do good upon others to you seems irrelevant
gorgeous to the light, you fight the fact of it
despite that, the truth lies around you
shed your skin and reveal the angel I see in your eyes
that you seem content to keep secret
but you can't hide who you are, because I see past the beast you show
to the scared girl beneath it
let go of the fear of seeing yours tears fill the sink
you for so long have been filling
release the feelings of feeling alone to the point
you broke down, eyes weeping
kneeling from the thought
that no one understood what you were feeling
and replace them with a mindset that sets you apart
from the part of you that wants
the beginning of the end to start
beautiful werewolf, howl your cry
that many flee from, but fail to understand
understand that you do deserve a man
with intentions on calming the beast you feel you can't
beautiful are beautiful
and even in your anger at the world of men
hold your head high to the moon
because where you are headed is nowhere you've been

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