Beautifully Broken

My moon is not as bright as your sun.
But you took my moon away.
My nights where never as bright as your days.
Yet you still took my nights away.
Wickedness and savageness.

You gouged my eyes right from their sockets!
So now I became blind to reality.
I now live in anxiety and uncertainty.
You tied explosives to my little heart.
Maliciously, yet so skillfully.
Then you went ahead and pressed that detonator.
Didn't you know I would suffer an emotional miscarriage?
I have now forgotten how to feel.

My days slowly bleed into nights, I cried so hard.
My eyes got too wet, I now have to cry through my nose.
Guess what? I have forgotten how to smell.

You where just a pretty little rose.
With a little too many thorns.
I won't say the monster you created.
I won't let you take the credit.
I am simply the monster standing in front of you.

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