Beautifully Broken

People surround me but inside I stand in my solitude.
I have slowly become victim to the harrowing parade
giving it way to ravage my passion and spirit.

Despair clutches my soul tightly in her hand creating a continuum of
anguish and relentless torture. My vices allow her to slumber,
but soon she wakes refreshed with the energy of a young fawn on an
early spring day. Once again, she assumes her post. The cycle never
ceases. The pain once seized by her tight grip has, over time,
grown numb being replaced by a disturbing sensation of awareness.
A constant reminder that she is always there. She has become my
companion and threatens the idea of giving my attention to another.

Invitation and chance tap on the door and as they enter they are
slowly devoured by the befouled blood that dwells here.
Some make their way out with haste, dripping in crimson through
the carnage that she will never let heal. The less fortunate find
themselves on a longer journey, traversing a path abundant with
fractures and fissures that inhabit what was once solid ground.
Initially, excitement ensues as the path is an adventurous challenge,
but in the end, they too will eventually find exodus as reality reveals
the once fertile ground is now too hard to penetrate.

They are spat out and taken away like flowing rivers emptying into
the sea, never to return.

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