beautifully tragic

This planet is a beautiful, tragic piece of poetry.
A perfect example of bitter sweet. some fall deeply in love, captivated by its beauty and mystery, those are the happy ones who live they’re life in a trance. The travelers, the artists, the lovers. Others find themselves in terribly inescapable poetic pain… those are the sad ones, the ones that sit watching the rain gently slide down the windows as their tears slide down their faces as they feel another piece of their heart break. Broken just like society- A place where everyone is scared to loose what they don’t yet have and they never appreciate what they do have until its gone. Where most of the people are like zombie robots and the rest are trying desperately to escape. You’ll either get caught in the illusion or you won’t- and if you don’t, don’t think you’re free. It’s harder than you think, to separate yourself from the messed up system. You can’t just pack up and leave. Its an endless battle fighting for freedom and often you’ll be fighting alone- not everyone sees the painful brokenness- but trust me, but everyone feels it.
And the only way to be happy is… well if I knew I’d tell you, I’d tell everyone I ever met, I’d write a book and publish more books then there are people to read them. theres no simply formulated answer- life’s not a math problem. And wether its for the better or worse I can’t tell you how to be happy, only you can. You’re the only person who can ever find your happiness

- Tara Kim Hart

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