Just stop, look around and take a minute
All this beauty, all these things did we win it?
No, everything around us God has implanted
But like mom and dad's money we take it for granted

Have you ever just thought as to how life could be?
My guess would be no, with your eyes glued on the TV
Have you ever looked up to see the night sky and the shining stars?
All you see shining is your phone and the headlights of passing cars

Too many people are robots on this earth,
Like an iceberg they dont see whats submerged
They rely on makeup for beauty and others opinions for self worth
When we are all naturally beautiful beginning at birth

Our lives are short whether ten years or 100
So lets not take time for advantage and die bewildered
Appreciate the beauty of nature and that of human life too
Die happy and grateful and death's sting will not hurt you

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