You are worth every glam shot and powder puff,
Even if you aren't girly or sparkly.
I can appreciate a woman's beauty,
Thick hair, long eyelashes, little freckles, they are all special.
But what's even more beautiful, it's what's inside.
What makes you hug your friends when they are sad.
That is beautiful and that can never have a high enough price tag.
Women know what hurts other women,
The beauty is knowing that and being cautious,
To not be catty and piss another woman off.
Women know how to be coy and handle tough situations.
But credit is not given enough when it's boo boo time,
And gotta fix the temp's mistake time.
If you are having trouble finding it, look past your reflection.
Think of all the times you helped someone out without them saying,
"Thank you". If you didn't get mad at their forgetfulness,
Then you have it. Think of all your unique characteristics,
Like being able to make a child laugh,
Or volunteering to help needy. That is all honorable & beautiful.
Think of a time someone tested you to see if you would get mad.
Did you blow it up and fall right into the trap?
Or were you smarter than them,
And showed them your classy and beautiful side?
People are going to test, that's just what they do.
But when you don't have to think about it,
And you just let the stupid stuff slide,
Then you have it. Then it's natural beauty from the inside.

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