For every person we have a different definition of beauty
Maybe beauty is only on the surface for some people
Pretty hair, fine skin and lovely eyes
Maybe others find beauty by scratching something
Deeper than the surface
Maybe some find beauty in the soft whisper of the wind
Or in the delicate inside of a flower
Maybe in majestic animals
Or majestic scenery
Some find beauty in the laughter of a child
And others in the appearance of one's face
Maybe one finds beauty in the way some genuinely care for others
Or in the way their soft voice comforts others
Or maybe in the way they treat other people with kindness and love
Some find beauty in one's demeanor
The way their hair flows and the color of their skin
Their lips or their eyes and their face
In their soft tone or voice
But for every person, there is a different definition of beauty
Beauty is defined in a way they please
Or in a way they can best comprehend
Beauty is just something that exists in everyone
Without pride or prejudice
Whether you let it show or not is up to you

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