Floating in the ambiguous grayness of 
Subconscious delirium. 
Comprehension, fading daily, to the inmost recesses. 
Earth's rotation, falters momentarily,
Petrified by the apparent loosening of reality. 
Searching for the reasoning not understood. 
In the distance, a vision perhaps. 
Time held constant
As the range collapses upon itself. 
The essence of joy, fear, love, hate 
Coursing through my soul. 
Drifting, dazed, into the clutches of unconsciousness.
Revival, to swoon in the iridescent aura
of beauty incarnate. 
Doubt, shedding, to create a newborn self 
Basking in the warmth of inspiration. 
Across the horizon,
Enlightenment once more possible. 

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