Never had I felt like I was truly myself.
No one understood or even tried to.
Everything was imperfection in my eyes.
They said I was blind to the real beauty
Of life, my family, friends, and most importantly, myself.
They say the world has never lost me; I lost it.
Since the day I regretted everything I was
My life took a turn for the worst,
At least that was what I had thought then.
I realized now everything I thought was bad;
Was only the world shaping me into a better person.
I fought hard for a battle against myself,
But the world pushed me to take charge.
To change paths to another future
One that must be earned not given.
I was close
to passing the path I was made to take.
Close to losing myself so much
That even time could not fix it.
But most of all I was close
To not seeing beauty for what it really is.

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