A word is as deep as the mind who wrote it
A beautiful mind writes a beautiful word
But the flower, battered by concrete winds
Where an eternal winter blackens their petals
The beautiful word weeps

Its echo of rhyme remembers time
In the autumn of its years
A face, a sigh that can't deny
A smile so full of tears

A $25 game of cards
A dollar for every year
When eyes of coal have sold their soul
And youth has lost its cheer

It's easy, now, to rape a word
To flatten out its time
To cut its roots and play the game
And leave beauty behind

In ragged clothes, she walks alone
Feeding off the flies
Yet in her heart a flower blooms
Honest amongst the lies

So heed the word, Ye wonderer
And dive between the lines
For even in one's darkest hour
Its beauty forever shines

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Dive, ye wonderer.