Beauty is in the eyes,
It is different in yours, and is different in mine.
They say the shining pearl is beautiful,
What about the oyster shell that made it beautiful?
Do they ever appreciate it's work?
Or they only care about the pearl's worth?
The more it shines, the more it's worth.
Sometimes this happens with humans,
People easily fall for the pearl,
But fail to maintain it's shine.
Women want to be like that 'pearl',
But they don't have oyster shells around.
Sometimes beauty satisfies us in it's first look,
But beauty in face and beauty in heart are different.
Beauty in heart leads to formation of many pearls.
We see beauty in the person we love,
We feel beautiful by their love.
Beauty is everywhere around us,
Some find it in the mountains and rocks,
Some find it in the animals and birds.
Nothing is ugly in the world,
We just need appreciaters.

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