In our generation beauty isn't what it's supposed to be
Appearance isn't everything, and that's the key
Beauty is way deeper than what you see
Your personality as an individual is beauty to me
Because you could be gorgeous with an ugly personality
So besides your looks you have no real beauty
Beauty can be define as the whole package
Having money, great personality and good looks
There's a certain beauty for both genders
Beauty can be how someone feels on the inside
And could care less if they're being judged on the outside
They could walk around with their heads held high
And careless about people's opinion because of their pride
Faith and pride is something you have from the start
Because of the beauty of your mind and heart
Beauty can be how you treat yourself and others
So don't get confused of what beauty really is
It can be a curse or a wonderful gift
It can be developed or heaven-sent
Your beauty shines like a golden star
The standard of beauty impacts who you are

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This Poems Story

Being adopted has helped me to have an open mind and an open heart on life. Negativity has inspired me to write. A corrupted childhood and household until this very day has made me into a person I never thought I would be: positive, believer, optimistic, and determined. As a child something that was beyond my control, as I got older I turned the negative into something positive. I idolize Keyshia Cole for many reasons. My number one reason is that I have a similar story to hers and the way she handled the situation can motivate anyone. My mind is set where it should be, nothing can stop me as my dreams follow me.